Making a Skill Assign as a Class Skill for Selected Race Type


I'm Trying to Modify thew Skill Control Shape found in Bahamaut's Dataset to fit into my Custom Game I want the Skill to be a Class Skill for all True Dragon and Half Dragon Characters. As the game I am Playing is BAsed in Krynn and Per the Books Dragons on Krynn can Alter shape at will.
Here is his Skill from the List file:
Control Shape
    PRETEMPLATE:1,Afflicted Lycanthrope  

And I am at a loss as to how to do that I Know i can MOD it to force use via training or rewrite it and remove the PRExxx Tag. but How to I make it so the program assigns it to all Characters with RACETYPE:Dragon or a Half-dragon Template as a Class Skill?
My thinking is the More Ranks in the Skill the Better the Characters Change (Low ranks still has visual traits of Dragon (Red Skin for a red Dragon) High Ranks convince a herd of sheep that the Wolf is one of them.

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