A Suggestion/ Few Requests:
Is there any way to get Updated/New Videos on Youtube (With links Listed Here) for some of the videos are either outdated or have visual errors in them.

While an email based activity is good for some people, there are those who lose emails in the many that they get and reposes may get lost or deleted by email providers. would a Forum Based system not be easier? In the past I have found that using forums help in keeping information accessible for users as well as promote community help. an Example I could use is the Simsettlements forums for their fallout 4 mods. and the useage of BBCode (in my opinion) seems easier to post code for others to review and copy, and prevents copy/paste errors where one client reads a character as one item and another reads it something else.

a listing of who's who in the community is always a help to know whom you are talking to and what their clout is for the community.

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