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Trying to Make Pouch Bandolier For a Source Book I am working on However when I tested the Item in PCGen it allowed me to Equip 10 Pouches into the Item when I only want a Max of 8 Pouches of any Kind, Regardless of the Weight, to be Equipped to it. If I can get this woking with: Pouch (Belt).MOD    TYPE:Pouch I plan of adding a .MOD for each of the Pouches I need to add the TYPE:Pouch to them.

This is what I have so far:
Pouch Bandolier    KEY:Pouch Bandolier    CONTAINS:UNLIM|Pouch=8    TYPE:Belt.Container    COST:1    WT:0    SOURCEPAGE:p.235    SPROP:The pouch bandolier is a leather belt with a variety of hooks and straps that run along its length. A pouch bandolier can hold eight belt pouches. The bandolier’s hooks can be removed and used as improvised thieves’ tools (-2 penalty on Disable Device and Open Locks checks).    BONUS:SKILL|Disable Device|-2|TYPE=Circumstance    BONUS:SKILL|Open Lock|-2|TYPE=Circumstance

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