Re: Duplicate items in sources


Okay Thank you for the Response but it is still a bit confusing:

Rank States:

Tag Name: RANK:x
Variables Used (x): Number (Rank)
What it does:Sets the priority in loading .pcc files. 1 is the highest priority and 9 is the lowest priority for loading .pcc files.When PCGen encounters certain objects with duplicate names from different sources (such as Classes) the object in the source with the highest priority rank will be loaded while the duplicate will generate an error message (and will not be loaded). It is recommended that all RANK numbers should be expressed a positive numbers as negative numbers will load before the positive.Defaults to 9 if no RANK is set in the PCC file.
This pcc file is given first priority when loading.
Officially sanctioned use of ranks:
RANK:0 - Whatever has to be loaded before the Core
RANK:1 - Core rules
RANK:2 - Campaign settings
RANK:3 - Supplements
RANK:4 - Web enhancements
RANK:5 - 3rd party campaign books
RANK:6 - 3rd party supplements
RANK:7 - 3rd party web enhancements
RANK:8 and 9 - Homebrew


Variables Used (x): Date (Release date of source in format YYYY-MM)
What it does:Allows PCGen to determine which of two sources is newer. A source without this tag will be considered older than a source with a set date. There is a preference which must be checked to activate this feature. In Preferences/PCGen/Sources check the box for "Allow newer sources to override duplicate object from older sources".
This source was published in December 2005

My Question was what Object gets loaded:
The One from the Higher Rank? Rank 3 takes Priority over Rank 9
Or the One from the Latest Date? 2019 Being Newer than 2003

Now from the Descriptions of the Tags it sounds like a 2019 RANK 3 overrides a 2003 RANK 3. It Does not say if a Lower Rank Item will Override a Higher Ranked one if it is Newer. Or is it the 2019 Rank 9 Overrides a 2003 Rank 3, Even though the Rank tag says "the object in the source with the highest priority rank will be loaded while the duplicate will generate an error message (and will not be loaded)"  Or does the SOURCEDATE Override that?

As I said I want to do my own Version of the Dragonlance Wizard of High Sorcery Prestige Class, But It already Exists in One of my Sources. and When I give a Copy of my Data-set to my Group to use I don't want the Older Wizard of High Sorcery to Come Up as it doesn't Conform to our House Rules. I apologize if it was Inferred somewhere that I missed, but I think that to some it may be confusing. As I looked through a few of the Threads after searching Load Order and It Seemed that quite a few other have had this dilemma in the past.

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