Looking to Make Mods for My Hoopak and question about starting Clothes.


Now that I almost have to Hoopak 100% in my Data-set, I wanted to add some mods for it. Basically I wanted to make Tips for the End and Different types of Slings That each do a Different thing. Say a Steel Tip gives the Hoopak +1 to Damage, or a Dragon Gut Sling Increases the Range From 50 to 60, or a Conch Shell Head that gives a Bonus to Intimidate or Bluff. I was thinking 5 Of each Ranging from a Small Bonus to a Huge Bonus, (Basically a way to make the Non Magical version of a Hoopak +1 (Honestly what Wizard/Enchanter would Take that Job? Let a Kender in the Shop? lol)

Also I read in a Thread dated 2010 that the Starting Clothing was Coded into the Program and Based on the Option you select in Preferences, But I was wondering if there was a Way to Make a type of Bundle Item that Adds all the Listed Items (I like having the Items the Outfit lists show om my Character Sheets as Equipped in their Right Spots.

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