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Hi Andrew,


Thanks for the suggestion. But I don’t think that will be a workable solution consider all the class types, including prestige classes that could count as their base class for save bonuses. Plus whatever the single class save bonus is also determined the number of uses per day or bonus applied by the feat. I think this part of the WMH implementation needs to wait until after the JEP replacement. And even then, I don’t know if it will be feasible to implement.


So I’ll just add a PFS note to the end of each of those feat’s descriptions when using PFS game mode to inform the reader that PCGen doesn’t currently calculate prerequisites or limits and bonuses for these feats so the reader will know they have to manually police it.





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Hi Mark,

PCGen considers the combined total of the class bases, no method to isolate that with the current JEP system. However, I would think multiclassing is more an edge case with Pathfinder - where most people expand their options with Archetypes and not going with multiclass options.

If it is a main concern, what is the minimum class level would any given class have to be to achieve the min required Fort save? They aren't adding any new classes to the mix, so in theory you could do:


As an example.



On 1/13/2019 10:32 PM, markjmeans wrote:

Andrew and Gwen,


I�m creating the PFS rules source for Pathfinder Weapon Master�s Handbook. It�s almost done except for one issue that I don�t know how to solve:


PFS rules state for the 9 Item Mastery feats in this source: �When qualifying for and calculating the benefits of an item mastery feat, a PC uses the base Fortitude save bonus from only one of his classes�. The PCGen data uses �PRECHECKBASE:1,Fortitude=x� where x is the prerequisite fort save needed for that specific Item Mastery feat.


I need to apply a MOD that will further restrict this so that it will only consider the highest single class�s fort save bonus instead of the PC�s total fort save bonus. Is there a way to do this?




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