Difficult (not-elegant) solution to an unconstructed reference issue for PFS core assumption


So, when loading the Pathfinder PFS set “Pathfinder Society Core Assumption” several additional sources are loaded. Among them is the source “Pathfinder Society Chronicle Sheets - Scenarios Season 5”. Within that source is the line “EQUIPMOD:@/pathfinder/paizo/roleplaying_game/ultimate_equipment/ue_equipmods.lst|(INCLUDE:Material ~ Bronze)|!PRECAMPAIGN:1,INCLUDES=Ultimate Equipment”. This should load the bronze special material equipment mod from UE only if UE is not a loaded source. This causes PCGen to report an unconstructed reference error for the skill craft (tattoos) that is referred to in a a different equip mod in UE. Apparently PCGen is trying to evaluate all items in the ue_equipmod.lst files whether or not they were specifically requested in the INCLUDE.


The consequence of this is that the Pathfinder Society Core Assumption source cannot be included in CI verification because it will always generate a seemingly nonsensical unconstructed reference error.


The only solution I know of is to copy the bronze item from UE into a single purpose equipmods LST file for this source and include it only if UE is not loaded. It’s not elegant in that it decouples the two sources and if the way this equipmod un UE is coded changes in some way (or is modded by some other source), the changes will not necessarily propagate to this single purpose equipmod LST file used to resolve the reference.


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