It appears that these tokens exist, but DAMAGE-PRIMARY and DAMAGE-SECONDARY are not wired up in CODE. I was trying to figure out how to make the standard export sheets’ weapon tables (the ones that show 1H-P, 1H-O, 2H, 2W-P(OL), 2W-P(OH) and 2W-OH) show the correct bonuses to damage for Pathfinder’s Power Attack and Piranha Strike (similar to Power Attack, but using DEX) . But ran into this problem. The current implementation has the user adding a separate temp bonuses for one-handed and off-hand. If the user wants to see both the effects for one-handed and off-hand, then they have to add the temp bonus twice, each temp bonus then adds a separate weapon table in the OS that may include the right bonuses for those specific options, but the rest of those tables have incorrect values. It would be much clearer if it were possible to add a single Power Attack temp bonus to the character (for each unique weapon) and have a single power attack applied table (for each weapon), that has the correct bonuses for each of the conditions, 1H, 2H, etc.


There is a second issue with getting these tables to work right, and it is that if you have a weapon equipped in the UI for your off-hand, it will get the off-hand bonuses for STR as a basis for all its values, meaning that the 1H-O total may have the off-hand penalty added twice! In these standard Oss that include a full table for the various handedness options, the actual equipped location in the UI should not be factored in, but it is.




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