Re: Pathfinder - Retraining a class level

Andrew Maitland

Ah, the Code CDOM monster...

So, first of all, we need to actually track what was gained per level, something we don't currently do (Except stats boosts oddly enough).

We quasi track points gained at what level, but not where those points are spent.

Anything with level based pools, again, nadda.

In short, we'd have to remaster how Leveling works, track each gain and Level increase, feat purchased at the exact level - meaning either

A) A ton more pop up dialogs (Choose Skills for Level x), Choose your General Feat for Level x, Choose your Stat Increase, Choose your Weapon Training Choice, etc.

B) Or we redesign both the code and data to force know about the above, and restricted items at the level they should be taken.

Option A is easier on Data, but the code team would still need to code a method to track those choices.

Then assemble a table of all gains for a particular level slot and then a method to swap the Class or gains for said level... Ideally, we should have a method to enforce the restrictions at the level (Fake the Levels tracker to the level you are working on, so you can't make a 20th level character, and choose an 'epic' feat as your 1st feat choice).

A - Data can implement today, and go back to the days of incessant pop up dialogs. But won't fix the retraining issue, nor will it remember any specific level up/down information.

B - Make the program more intelligent. Better long term strategy, and less annoying for the end user I think. Requires a major overhaul and solid code commitment.



On 1/2/2019 4:58 PM, markjmeans wrote:

High level PC took a single level dip into another class at one point in the past, for example the 1st or 3rd level. Retraining rules allows the character to change that class level for another class.


Backing out all the later class levels carries a problem in that all the rolled HP history is lost. Editing the PCG file manually is beyond most end users.


So. Any ideas how to implement this?


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