Pathfinder equipment issue I just noticed in RC3


Pathfinder. Today I opened up a character that was previously used in an older version of PCGen. I noticed that several equipment items that were equipped in the old version were suddenly not equipped, i.e. shows in the Equip View. What is strange is that these equipment items are also listed as equipped in the Equip Set view. However the names are now slightly different. i.e. “The item showing as not being equipped is “Outfit, Explorer’s” and the item showing as equipped is “Explorer’s Outfit”. When I select and unequip the equipped item, it shows in the equip view as a selectable item to equip with qty 0, along with the other similarly named item with qty 1.


The items I’ve noticed this on are: “Light Horse (Combat Trained)”<->” Horse, Light (Combat Trained)”, “Rations, Trail, Per Day”<->” Rations, Trail”, “Tent”<->” Tent, Small”, coins, outfits, “Scarab, Golembane”<->”Golembane Scarab”.


I think this is a naming issue where some equipment items names have changed, but for some reason the character isn’t migrated to the new names. This leaves items with qty 0 as equipped.


Oh, and to clarify I don’t specifically mean the equip category of “equipped”, it also applies to carried, not carried, or any other body slot or other location where an item can be equipped in the equip set.


I don’t know which specific earlier version of PCGen introduced this issue, I just noticed it in RC3.


In my opinion, for Pathfinder, when purchasing items the items should be named according to how they are in the book, but when outputting the items on character sheets they should follow the naming conventions for statblocks. So in the case of the “Golembane Scarab”, it should be shown in the equipment list in PCGen when purchasing and equipping it as “Scarab, Golembane” exactly as it is in the book. But when placing it on a character sheet, it should be shown as “Golembane Scarab”. No commas. This prevents equipment lists in the output sheet when in a container, like a backpack, from being confusing. Consider this example for some items in a backpack: “scarab, golembane, outfit, nobles, coin, gold piece (7)” versus “golembane scarab, nobles outfit, gold piece coin (7)”. The latter is far more readable especially if word wrap happens to wrap at a comma in the middle of an items name and show the nest line like “golembane, outfit” and “nobles, coin”.


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