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Hi Andrew,


So the issue really is whether the property call to get the result (to hit, damage, etc.) in the OS has, in addition to its final result value, a property as an array of arrays for the effective applied bonuses.


In the case of Pathfinder it would be an array of bonus types each containing a subtotal and an array of abilities and bonuses that contribute to that subtotal, with stacking rules applied. (i.e. showing the Armor Bonus to AC subtotal type might be shown as “+4 [Armor Bonus: +2 (Leather Armor), +4 (Mage Armor)]” revealing that the two components of the +4 armor bonus were the leather armor’s armor bonus and mage armor’s armor bonus). Thus revealing all sources of armor bonus and the stacking rules applied.


If an array of arrays of the bonuses is exportable then it should only be a matter of the OS recursively iterating through that results property and displaying them without the OS needing to specifically call for each bonus type by name. This would then be ultimately supportable without frequent need to change the OS for some new bonus type that suddenly exists, or the inability to display a custom bonus type in a homebrew.






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Hi Mark,

The simple answer is YES.

The more difficult answer is Only If we code it to do that.

Every number is tracked, and it knows where the bonuses and penalties come from. However, figuring out how to make sure those values are captured is harder. Unless Tom has already considered this and has a better a solution than I know of.

Let's take a mock example from what you have:

To Hit: +19


��� MODIFY:BAB_Base|ADD|from_all_classes_with_Bab

Assuming Level 9 Fighter +9




��� MODIFY:ToHit_Enhancement|MAX|2 (From EQMOD)

��� MODIFY:DAMAGE_Enhancement|MAX|2 (From EQMOD)







That's easier on the Data team, but then we have to make sure each source of the bonuses are being populated on export for a breakdown. Otherwise, we need to differentiate the bonuses, and make specific calls to them from the sheet, not as expandable and more work for the data team.



On 12/23/2018 5:33 PM, markjmeans wrote:

When the new JEP replacement is done, will it technically be possible for the troubleshooting OS to show the specific ability(ies) or item(s) that is(are) granting bonuses to each calculation?


i.e. instead of showing:

�To Hit: null = +9[BAB] +6[STAT] +0[SIZE] +2[MAGIC] +2[MISC]�

it could show:

�To Hit: null = +9[BAB] +6[STAT(STR)] +0[SIZE(M)] +2[MAGIC(Enhancement)] +2[MISC(Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization (Two-handed Sword))]�.


Also, the damage doesn�t currently show the calculations that go into it. Will the replacement for JEP permit that?


i.e. instead of showing:

��������������� �Damage: 2d6+14�

It could show:

��������������� �Damage: 2d6 +9[STAT(STR)] +2[MAGIC(Enhancement)] +3[MISC(Overhand Chop, Backswing)]�


Pathfinder has so many abilities that it�s very difficult, for high level characters, to know which abilities are already factored into any calculation and which are not, when only looking at the character sheet. Enhancing the troubleshooting OS will help identify what is and is not implemented without having to check any of the data files.


I also noticed that the Power Attack temp bonus subtracts from the [MAGIC] total instead of [MISC]. It probably should be MISC since Power Attack is not a magical effect. Will that be possible to fix as well?




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