troubleshooting.htm.ftl questions


When the new JEP replacement is done, will it technically be possible for the troubleshooting OS to show the specific ability(ies) or item(s) that is(are) granting bonuses to each calculation?


i.e. instead of showing:

“To Hit: null = +9[BAB] +6[STAT] +0[SIZE] +2[MAGIC] +2[MISC]”

it could show:

“To Hit: null = +9[BAB] +6[STAT(STR)] +0[SIZE(M)] +2[MAGIC(Enhancement)] +2[MISC(Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization (Two-handed Sword))]”.


Also, the damage doesn’t currently show the calculations that go into it. Will the replacement for JEP permit that?


i.e. instead of showing:

                “Damage: 2d6+14”

It could show:

                “Damage: 2d6 +9[STAT(STR)] +2[MAGIC(Enhancement)] +3[MISC(Overhand Chop, Backswing)]”


Pathfinder has so many abilities that it’s very difficult, for high level characters, to know which abilities are already factored into any calculation and which are not, when only looking at the character sheet. Enhancing the troubleshooting OS will help identify what is and is not implemented without having to check any of the data files.


I also noticed that the Power Attack temp bonus subtracts from the [MAGIC] total instead of [MISC]. It probably should be MISC since Power Attack is not a magical effect. Will that be possible to fix as well?


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