Re: Jira project for installer issues?


Would someone who has a PCGen build machine capable of building the windows installer be able to test some changes to the nullsoft installer definition file I made?


I don’t have a build machine for this and I don’t want to install a complete PCGen build system with NSIS, so I can’t test it myself. I believe this, or something close to this, will solve the add/remove program entries issue I reported, some broken start menu links, and the fact that Windows 8/10 doesn’t support multi-level start menu items (the start menu gets messy with lots of duplicated links if you have multiple versions of PCGen installed).



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Yes, build/install is code scope.


On 12/22/2018 6:14 PM, Paul Grosse via Groups.Io wrote:

It's still under the Code team i imaginr

On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 9:10 PM, markjmeans

I don’t see a specific Jira project category (Code, Data, Documentation, etc.) specific to installer issues. Since the installer is not technically code, I don’t know where to post them other than this forum. I found another issue, the release notes start menu shortcut is broken. Should I put them in the github issues instead or just report them to the whomever is handling the installer?


I also have some suggested changes to the NSI script, but I don’t have the ability to build PCGen or the installer. Who should I send it to?


--Paul Grosse
--PCGen BoD, PR Silverback



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