Re: Does this bother anyone but me?


I tried changing the “look and feel” setting from Java to System. While this resolved the issue with the letters “PFS” it created another font issue. See pic below. In the search field I typed “my pa”, not “m y pa”. Also look at the word “homebrew” under Book Type. There is half-space sized extra white space between the “m” and the “e”.


It seems like PCGen is drawing the glyph (letter, number, etc.) by doing something like allocating the horizontal space for the larger of the lower or upper case representation and then left justifying the glyph in the allocated space. It’s almost like it’s trying to turn a proportional font in a pseudo fixed space font where an upper case word takes the same horizontal space as a lower case version of the same word, even though it’s a proportional font. It’s very strange.




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That looks like a skin issue, are you using system or Nimbus?


Paul A. Grosse



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Notice the extra white space in the folder name “PFS” which is displayed in PCGen as “PF S”. Note the side by side explorer window that shows the folders actual name has no space.




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