Re: PCC tag using source KEYs?


Just a though…


I don’t know how many times a source’s main *.pcc file has had its file name or path changed. But each time any other source changes in this way, any other source that uses INCLUDE or PCC inside it has to be manually edited for the new location. This is because there is no mechanism that allows these to automatically migrate and find the new file name or path.


But there is a mechanism already in place for KEY changes in the game mode’s migration.lst file. If the PCC tag could optionally take a source’s KEY instead of a path then a change in another source’s *.pcc file name or location will not cause a chain reaction of changes in all other sources that refer to it and eliminate a data contract on the data team. This would: 1) simplify many of the sources that have a “support” folder or “pfs” folder to handle resolving cross references between sources; and, 2) help homebrew users that use a homebrew campaign source file to organize the sources for the GM and players that are “allowed” in their campaign. As it is now, a homebrew user that uses a custom source with PCC tags to organize their game has to make sure that all the players are using exactly the same PCGen version and that all players upgrade at exactly the same time to accommodate any changes in PCC source locations from version to version.




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