removal of npcgen

Eitan Adler

Hi all,

I'd like to remove the npcgen code from source. It seems the code is
entirely inaccessible at the moment and has no UI. I believe it has
been broken since at least f4285c4e428f42947e8445c546ce7aafa241c3ba
at Feb 4 11:53:38 2012 when the UI was replaced.

Reasons for the removal
- dead code in general adds weight which needs to be understand
- npcgen has a dependency on JEP which we're trying to get rid of
- as implemented the code isn't great and needs to be updated to
modern standards
- it slows down and complicates startup - especially as we're thinking
about fixing UI initialization issues. is the PR for the removal.
Let me know if you believe this code is actually accessible from the
UI or if you plan on re-implementing it again.

I don't believe in keeping code around "in case we may use it". The
code is always recoverable from git if someone in the future wants to
reimplemented but isn't doing so now.

Eitan Adler

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