Re: thoughts on using JavaFX WebView instead of lobobrowser


Some other questions:

How would users be impacted by this change?

Is it appropriate/necessary during an RC cycle prior to full release?

Does this change require any OS template or changes as a consequence?

If there is a potential for negative impact on users, can it be implemented as an option so that users can choose (at run time) whether to use the old browser or the new browser?


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Subject: [pcgendevelopers] thoughts on using JavaFX WebView instead of lobobrowser

hi all,

I'd like to start replacing a many year old browser plugin with a more modern and somewhat maintained solution. To that end what do y'all think of this PR as a directional move ?

- move from a buggy and insecure java browser implementation to a WebKit based one
- allows Java code and output sheets to interact (e.g., clicking on a part of the sheet can take you to the right screen to edit)
- moves us to using JavaFX instead of swing.


- It introduces JavaFX into our codebase. This may not be the future direction of our UI
- At present, the code isn't quite clean or architectured well.

Eitan Adler

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