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PCGen is an Open Source '''FREE''' Java based character generator for d20 based Role-Playing games, it has many Features and some '''[[PCGen Requirements|Requirements]]''' in order to run.


=Mission Statement=

To be the world's most flexible d20 character generation and maintenance software.  [PROPOSED UPDATE] TO be the world's most flexible RPG character generation and maintenance software.


=Latest News!=


'''[[PCGen 6.07.05 Released!]]'''


'''[[PCGen 6.07.01 Released!]]'''


'''[[PCGen 6.06.00 Released!]]'''



* [[PCGen Documentation]]

* Users, (some who want to get straight to the [ documentation]!)

* [[Publishers]]

* [ Our fantastic banners and images]

* [[Compatible 3rd Parties]]

* [[Conventions]]

* [[Mailing Lists and PCGen Links]]

* [ Issue Tracking] ('''Report Bugs and Feature Requests!''')

** [[JIRA Tracker List]]

* [[FAQ and Help]]

* [[Updating Homebrew Sets]]

* [[Beta Testers for Testing]]

* [[Open RPG Community Online Game]]

* [[Pathfinder PFS Information]]

* [[Release History]]

* [[Trouble Shooting]]


=Strategic Development=

* [[Roadmap]]

* [[Development Specs]]

* [[Future Development]]

* [[GITHUB and proper procedures]]



* [[Explanation of Teams]]

* [[Full Team Member Listing]] is a full listing of our current volunteers.


==Specific Teams==

* [[Board of Directors]] - (aka BoD), governs the project

* [[Architecture]]

* [[Code]] - (aka CM)

* [[Content]]

** [[Data]] (aka DM or LM)

** [[Output Sheets]] (aka OS)

** [[Documentation]]

* [[Admin]]

** [[Tracker]] (aka TM)

** [[Release]]

** [[Website]]

* [[Public Relations]]

** [[Publisher Liaison]] - (aka PL)

** [[Data License]]

** [[Advertising]]


= Licensing =

The core PCGen code is licensed under the [ LGPL ver 2.1] open source license.  Its various data sources are licensed under individual agreements, see the [[Data License]] team for details.


= Editing The Wiki =

To edit the wiki you'll need an account, contact the Wiki Admin if you are joining the PCGen Community and wish to contribute to the actual wiki. Spammers need not apply.


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