RC5 error during game play


At a game last weekend I loaded a 8th level hunter character which has a companion. I loaded the companion form the companion tab. At one point during the game I unloaded the companion since it was not needed, and then loaded it again later when it was needed. At that point the master character had corruption. It told me that race size needed to be selected. Since I was at a game and I had recently saved the PC (prior to the error) and I did not have time to investigate I just closed PCGen (without saving) and reloaded the PC and the companion to continue the game. Prior to the issue, some inventory changes were made and some temporary bonuses were adjusted and made some changes to some areas in the description tab, which is where I keep notes. I don’t recall any other changes to the PC and I don’t remember it the companion was loaded at the time I made those changes. Much of the rest of the time was spent viewing the character preview or looking up feat descriptions. This was while using Pathfinder Society Organized Play. But I do know those edits were done prior to loading the companion for the second time. The total amount of time that had passed before the error occurred was, I think, about 2 hours and at times PCGen was minimized and/or the PC was suspended. I know this is not an ideal error report, as there is no technical info, but I thought I should mention it. There appears to be some issues with memory corruption when multiple characters are loaded and in the case of animal companions, having multiple characters loaded at the same time is a necessity.