Possible pathfinder bug dealing with Ninja Tricks and Rogue Talents, let's discuss


If a high level Ninja takes the Ninja Trick > Rogue Talent it doesn’t look like the Ninja should be able to take an advanced trick. I don’t find any enabling rule for this. It looks like this trick allows selection of a normal Rogue Talent only. If this is correct, then PCGen is wrong and that’s a bug.


PCGen allows a Ninja to take the Feat -> Extra Rogue Talent (not sure it the rogue talent trick has to be taken before the feat becomes available, I haven’t checked). But this may also be wrong…


The feat Extra Rogue Talent (https://www.aonprd.com/FeatDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Extra%20Rogue%20Talent) has a prerequisite of “Rogue talent class feature”. Although Ninja has a Ninja Trick called Rogue Talent that allows a Ninja to choose a Rogue Talent (for this trick), and the Rogue Talent Trick can be taken multiple times, it doesn’t look like the feat Extra Rogue Talent should be selectable by a Ninja, even though Ninja’s base class is Rogue. I didn’t find a rule that permits the Alternate Class Ninja to gain the base classes class’s class feature “Rogue Talent”.


Paul Grosse


Looks like the ruling is that you are correct. Ninja's have access to the rogue talents via that trick, but don't have the class feature.
--Paul Grosse
--PCGen BoD, PR Silverback