PCGen Reddit, hope the mods dont wanna kill me for this. #reddit


Hello all! I am Th4nat0s1s and I created the PCGen subreddit!

I want everyone here to know that I DID NOT Create them to replace the forums but to give another venue for the sharing of PCGen related information.

If any moderators on here would like to be given access to this subreddit please message me here first and then message me on reddit Th4nat0s1s

This way I can confirm that you are in fact a moderator and give you the correct permissions. Anyone else willing to help with the low level maintenance of the subreddit, or willing to give me pointers on how to run the subreddit is also welcome to message me and I will review your application. Please include credentials and prior reddit moderation knowledge.

For everyone else, please enjoy the PCGen subreddit and I look forward to sharing a lot of ideas and information with all of you!