More issues with windows installer


  1. The Windows uninstall entry in Windows > Settings > Apps & Features lists PCGen as “6.08.00RC1” as the product name and shows nothing for program title or version number. What is expected is that the program name, version number and publisher name fields be defined correctly in the installer so that the uninstall process follows Windows guidelines and is intuitive to Windows users. In my opinion this is a critical bug that should delay release until resolved. However, it should be a very simple one to fix. It’s a 30 second task using Microsoft installer projects within MS Visual Studio and I will assume it’s nearly as simple using the nullsoft installer that PCGen uses (but I have no experience with nullsoft installer projects). Whomever wrote the installer project should examine the project properties and correct them. This fix alone should require an RC3 version before going ahead to full release.
  2. A homebrew set that loads in RC1 will not load in RC2. See attached homebrew files. The error log does not indicate specifically what is wrong, i.e. doesn’t say which campaign is unable to load.

10:46:09.847 INFO main Main:138 Starting PCGen v6.08.00 RC2

10:46:09.967 INFO main LanguageBundle:134 Initialising language bundle with locale en_US.

10:46:19.673 LSTWARN main CampaignFeatToken:56 FEAT has been deprecated, use ABILITY: and put CATEGORY: entries in the LST file

10:46:51.613 SEVERE Thread-2 SourceFileLoader:248 Failed to load sources

pcgen.persistence.PersistenceLayerException: You must select at least one campaign to load.

                at pcgen.persistence.SourceFileLoader.loadCampaigns(

                at pcgen.persistence.SourceFileLoader.execute(

                at pcgen.gui2.util.StatusWorker.construct(

                at pcgen.gui2.util.StatusWorker.construct(

                at pcgen.gui2.util.SwingWorker$

                at java.base/ Source)