ACG Believers Boon and SubDomains #pathfinder


I am trying to use the Believers Boon from the Advanced Class Guide using the Light subdomain.  I've opened the file acg_feats.lst and found that the Subdomains have not been entered yet.  I have tried several different ways to code it, but they don't work.  Actually what happens is on the exported PDF I get a list of every domains first level ability.  If I can be shown how to type out one of the subdomains, I might be able to type more for the community, time permitting.

This is what I tried to code for the Light subdomain (sun):

CATEGORY=FEAT|Believer's Boon.MOD    DEFINE:DomainSunLVL|0        ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Domain Power ~ Blinding Flash|PREABILITY:1,CATEGORY=FEAT,Believer's Boon (Light)            BONUS:VAR|DomainSunLVL|1    BONUS:VAR|BlindingFlashTimes|BelieversBoonTimes

Thanks in advance.