Synthesist Summoner

Nicholas Hart

I'm trying to create a level 5 summoner with the synthesist archetype but I'm running into a weird bit of trouble.

I cannot get the "Fused Eidolon" bonuses to appear. I turned it on using the "Fused Eidolon" ability bonus listed in the Temporary Bonuses tab but after my character sheet refreshed for roughly 5 minutes, nothing happened. I then went in and turned on the "Fused Eidolon - HP, AC, STR, DEX, CON" bonuses. Again my character sheet refreshed for a while but then the only thing that changed was that I now had the correct HP. I'm using 06.08.00RC8 and have downloaded the latest data pack. I had both my PC and my eidolon character sheet open.

Any ideas here? Anything else I should try or is this another one of those ones that is just better off being run on pen and paper?