Editing item properties for Pathfinder Items #bug



I'm not sure this forum is the best place any more to place a question.  I think Discord my be frequented more often by the volunteers.

As to your question.  I looked at the lst files for the Scabbard of Many Blades in the Advanced Class Guide and the Efficient Quiver in Ultimate Equipment.    From what I can see, there is no code written for the Scabbard of Many Blades, just a brief description and note.  The Efficient Quiver has a complete code and description write-up.  It's easy to edit the lst files.  I use Notepad++ suggested on these forums years ago.  If no one provides the exact code, use the line for the Efficient Quiver as a guide and have a go at it yourself.

As one suggestion before editing, I always copy the line I'm about to edit and then comment out the original making changes only to the copy.  This way I can go back and see what was originally there.



The Scabbard of Many Blades in Pathfinder has this description:

This scabbard can hold multiple melee weapons in an extradimensional space, including weapons that would not normally fit in any kind of scabbard or sheath. It can hold up to four two-handed weapons. Two one-handed or light melee weapons can fit in each two-handed weapon slot, for a maximum capacity of eight one-handed or light melee weapons. Only weapons designed to be used by creatures the same size as the wearer or smaller can be kept in a scabbard of many blades. The scabbard can’t be used to store shields (even if they can be used to make melee attacks), gauntlets, improvised weapons, or wands, but can store rods (which are treated as one-handed weapons) and magic staves (which are treated as two-handed weapons).

When the wearer draws a weapon from the scabbard, if she does not lose her grip on it (keeping it in her hands at all times), as a move action she can have it switch places with another weapon in the scabbard. If the wearer has the Quick Draw feat, she can do this as a swift action. If the wearer loses her grip on a weapon drawn from the scabbard, that weapon can’t switch places with another weapon until it has been, sheathed in the scabbard of many blades and drawn again.
My problem is I cannot actually store anything in the scabbard as it is not considered a "container" in PCGen. How do I edit it's properties to fix this?

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