Release 6.09.05

Nicholas Hart

Hi there,
Not sure if I should post this here or in the Jira. 

I saw that there was a new release and decided to play around with it. I currently am having two issues. 

1) When going to choose skills, the box showing how many ranks you have in that skill does not fill in unless you click inside of it. It just shows up as a gray bar. Also not all skills show up in the preview window. 

2) Living grimoire spell casting still does not work correctly. It now no longer says, "[NOT IMPLEMENTED]" in the description of spell casting but it still does not give the correct number of spells and says it is using WIS not INT. I know when I last put in about this, the response was that it is a not fun coding issue to solve so if I should just stop trying to make one on here that is fine as well. 

PCGen file attached.