Andrew Maitland

Wow, missed all of this...

Mounts > Can add everything you have loaded. If you aren't loading the Bestiary then all the horses, et. al will not appear.

Followers > Same thing. Load everything, and you can have anything.

You're only loading the bare bones for player options, which means only Familiars and Animal Companions are available choices.



On 8/21/2019 9:57 AM, Rick Steeves via Groups.Io wrote:
I see that Dog, Guard, and Dog, Riding are available as equipment.

For a PC, it's possible to add Mounts (which in my case could be Dogs, Horses, or Ponies). However, Mounts appear to be created as PCs, and the only choice I see would be Companion (Dog).

So a few things:
-I don't see a Companion (Horse) ?
-I should probably be able to create just a (non-companion) Race: Dog, Race (Dog, Guard), Race (Dog, Riding), Race (Horse) or Race (Pony)?
-The stats for Companion (Dog) aren't the same as a Dog or Dog, Riding in the Bestiary?
-the Skills for Companion (Dog) don't appear to match Dog, Small or Dog, Riding

I can likely fix all of this for me by modifying cr_classes_companion.lst?