Pathfinder draconic Sorcerer troubles with equipment in 6.08.00 RC02 #pathfinder #bug

Sorcerer of Itch <meister-proper@...>

I currently run into two issues with my Level 7 Pathfinder sorcerer of draconic bloodline:
  1. I give him a "robe of arcane heritage". In my reading of the rules this should now allow him to get a breath weapon as if he was Level 9, since the robe makes him Level 7+4=11 for bloodline features. This does not happen in PCGen.
    Can I correct this somehow?
  2. The weight of the total equipment is being miscalculated. Even though he has very little stuff and most of it is stowed away on his horse ("not carried"), there somehow is a lot of weight. Even after unequipping everything he has a weight total of 7.4 kg.
    How can I correct this?

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