Help with loading/ installing homebrew content #pathfinder


Greetings everyone,

After a bit of a hiatus, my group is back and gaming is again entering full swing.

We encountered a bit of a snag, however, when trying to load in new things which we coded ourselves (most likely a total n00b question):

version: PCGen 6.08.00RC9, PC Windows 10 Pro, coded using Notepad++

Essentially, we followed the videos we could find and the documentation for creating a homebrew race for PFRPG, however it seems that we need a Install.lst or something similar to actually use it in PCGen? Our search for how to set up this file however proved fruitless (or maybe we didn't know where to look?). What is needed for this file, where should it be located, etc?

I'm hoping this is a simple enough question to answer; once we get the content we've made to load, we can test and see if we have any other questions :)

Thanks in advance!


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