Re: Using Specialist Mage status as either conditional or required for a Prestige Class in 3.5e

Paul Grosse

You can also jump in our discord and use one of the LST file specific channels to ask for help for a bit more realtime help.
Paul A. Grosse
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On Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 12:28:30 PM EST, ksarul <ksarul@...> wrote:
The formulation you used here worked like a charm to solve the issue. My attempts were close (I used PRESUBSCHOOL instead of PRESUBCLASS in my PREMULT attempt), but it didn't work. Your assistance here is greatly appreciated, Paul. That was the last thing I needed to finish full implementation of the book.

You are definitely right about the random compatibility issues with early 3e/3.5e books, Paul. I let the sections of the books I am working on marinate in my mind for a few days to suss out the original intent where it isn't clear or in conformance with what I know of the overarching rule set. Once I get that clear in my mind, I try to build the appropriate equations into my list file. I am slowly working my way through the more compatible books in the Encyclopaedia Arcane series as a fun bit of labor to practice list file creation. I have most of the normal stuff down pretty well--now I'm working to try and get a handle on the more exotic stuff. :)  The documentation has helped a lot, but it isn't really good for the weird edge cases (and I wouldn't expect it to be so either), so it is really good to be able to communicate with someone like you that has already walked this path.

My next project is the Transmutation book, which is about half finished. It doesn't have as many weird edge cases, so it is a bit easier. :)

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