Re: Using Specialist Mage status as either conditional or required for a Prestige Class in 3.5e

Paul Grosse

You'll find that a lot in 3rd party books, especially the early 3e stuff. :) What you have to do as a coder try and figure out the intent of the class/race/ feat was etc and make the best attempt at it. And from reading yes you need to test for either Spell Focus, OR the School Specialization.

The Encyclopaedia Arcane books are early 3e books if I remember right. So there wasn't as much attempt at compatibility.

It looks like it would be something like PREMULT:1,[PRESUBCLASS:1,Abjurer],[PREABILITY:1,CATEGORY=Feat,Spell Focus(Abjuration)]

Paul A. Grosse
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I've been building the necessary data files for several of the Mongoose Encyclopaedia Arcane books to allow my players to use them when generating characters for my campaign. Most things are relatively easy/straightforward, and I now have the Abjuration book working quite well (with one exception). Three of the four Prestige classes identify an otherwise unidentified Feat (School Focus (Abjuration) as either a conditional or required prerequisite. The book points back to Core Rulebook I as the original source of the Feat--but it isn't there. The Complete Mage (released over two years after this book) includes a Metamagic School Focus Feat, but on reading, it doesn't fit the intent here. The description for the PrimeĀ  Mage also shows why the Spell Focus (Abjuration) Feat cannot be used in its stead, as the reference there says that the character must have either School Focus (Abjuration) or Spell Focus (Abjuration). I came to the conclusion that what they were really trying to do here was to say that the character either had to be a Specialist Mage (Abjurer) or have the Spell Focus (Abjuration) Feat. This makes sense, as both provide similar benefits--and it would provide a path for non-Abjurers to choose the Prestige Class (the Spellshield and the Warden do not provide this additional path, as they require School Focus but do not allow Spell Focus as an alternative). I have tried just about every combination I could think of to get this to work in PCGEN, but none of them seems to work. I suppose I could create a School Focus Feat to do this, but that doesn't feel quite right, as the character is already focused on the required school through their specialization.

That leads to my question: is there any way to get this to work in PCGEN, using the existing Specialist Mage class as a required or conditional term in combination with one or more Feats? I have tried a number of different PRExxx and MULT combinations, to no avail.

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