Re: 5e homebrew race

Richard L'Abbé

In the file homebrew_races.lst

Bugbears SORTKEY:Base_PC SIZE:M MOVE:Walk,30 BONUS:STAT|STR|2 BONUS:STAT|DEX|1 ABILITY:Internal|AUTOMATIC|Racial Trait ~ Bugbears LEGS:2 HANDS:2 RACETYPE:Humanoid RACESUBTYPE:Bugbears TYPE:Humanoid.PC SOURCEPAGE:p.11    les races d'omeria de Richard

or if  the stats not specify

Angelkin SORTKEY:Base_PC SIZE:M MOVE:Walk,30,Fly,30 BONUS:STAT|CHA|2 BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Ability Score Increase +1|1 ABILITY:Internal|AUTOMATIC|Racial Trait ~ Angelkin LEGS:2 HANDS:2 RACETYPE:Humanoid RACESUBTYPE:Angelkin TYPE:Humanoid.PC SOURCEPAGE:p.3-4   les races d'omeria de Richard

in the file homebrew_abilities_race.lst
you enter like this

###Block: Bugbears
# Ability Name Unique Key SORTKEY Category of Ability Type Description Ability Modify VAR Source Page
Racial Trait ~ Bugbears CATEGORY:Internal ABILITY:Bugbears Trait|AUTOMATIC|TYPE=Base Bugbears Trait
#Bugbears trait
Ability Score Increase KEY:Bugbears ~ Ability Score Increase SORTKEY:1_Race CATEGORY:Special Ability TYPE:Race Trait.Bugbears Trait.Base Bugbears Trait.SpecialQuality.Race Trait SOURCEPAGE:p.11 Les races d'omeria de Richard DESC:Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Dexterity score increases by 1.

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