Re: PCGen 6.09.05 fails to start

Simon Eigeldinger


That would be great.
I guess i know the problem.
Seems the packaged JRE with PCGen is missing Java Access Bridge.
This is a part of Java and of many JREs.
For example the AdoptOpenJDK/Adoptium ones have JAB included by default.
I also don't know how to get around the pre-packaged version of JRE in
PCGen to use the locally installed one.

To see if JAB is in the currently used JRE you can look if the following
file is packaged with it:

If you build the JRE for PCGen yourself i guess there is a kind of flag
to enable that java access bridge is compiled as well.


Am 25.04.2022 um 02:06 schrieb JP via

I can have a look in the next days if you want. Is the source code available? I haven't looked for it yet...

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