Starfinder Skill Focus


I've tried the JIRA system and Discord... maybe someone is listening to
the email group?


I have found a bug in the coding of Skill Focus featĀ  in Starfinder, 6.09.05

Although the data file has text that suggests it is marking the +3 skill
bonus as a Insight Bonus, this is not working, and instead the bonus is
applied immediately to the base skill.

In contrast, Skill Synergy, with its more complex rule of "make it a
class, but if it's a class skill, then +2 Insight" - does work.

This affects stacking with other Insight bonuses - so the following
should overlap, not stack:

* Skill Focus

* Skill Synergy

* Operative's Edge


My LST-file foo is enough for simple tweaks and tuning, but not enough
to work out why it's been coded in the 2 ways, nor the consequences of
them, and hence not finding a way to hack the files to work...

Any advice?

Neil Taylor "Creo Imaginem Mente"
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