Re: Creating new language

David Klassen

Thank you for this!  I went back to Bahamut's sources and just did a grep for Auran (a language in one of the added sources that popped up) and noted that not only are languages in the xxx_languages.lst but you also have to add a line to xxx_abilites.lst 

###Block: Language Support
Vistani CATEGORY:Language AUTO:LANG|Vistani TYPE:Language.Spoken.Vistani

Did that and, voila, it shows up on the languages list!

[In 5e languages are a "learn in downtime" thing; the PCGen under the Feats & Abilities you can add a Rule by just changing the number under Remaining, then choose Add additional Language; then under the Character tab of F&A, highlight the Language Selection at the bottom and the list of languages appears.]

Thank you for your advice and troubleshooting.  It helped me think it through!

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