Re: Creating new language


so, I just got your files working ok under 3.5 ... I changed any multiple spaces into tabs (as forum will have replaced tabs with spaces when copy/pasting).
and in the pcc changed gamemode to:  GAMEMODE:35e|Bahamut35e|5e
(that just  lets it be loaded in any of those gamemodes)

Loaded your klassen source alongside my usual 3.5 source and the language appeared under the summary tab as 'add language via skill points' and the diety appeared as expected under domains.
I tried loading 5th ed SRD and got a variety of errors from that source, but with using Bahamuts sources for the 5e core books, your diety appeared ok, but 'add bonus language' on the summary tab was completely blank, so not sure how you're meant to add any languages in 5th ed (Sorry, for 5th ed I've only used an editable PDF from MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools – Fully automated DnD Character Sheets ( instead of using PCGen so far) no need to add anything to skills.lst for languages (not in 3.5, and obviously 5th works skills differently)

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