Re: Character operations Manual #starfinder


Er.. mah.. GERD!! That is such good news!! Reading around, I thought the project was dead headed! What can we do to keep the ball rolling? Is there a Patreon or a Kickstarter? Any way to help out with content or graphics design or anything? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see this be able to integrate with MapTool someday, or maybe even Foundry or something. :D


I'm figuring out how to use the software the old fashioned way.. by beating my head on it until it makes sense. ;) The part I'm still struggling with is the plethora of templates for the character sheet in the program, and to print (to PDF) and etc. I'm pretty sure that 'Fantasy' means Pathfinder 1st Ed. but... I'd love to help flesh that out, I have no idea where I'd start, though. :) I'm also a phenomenal graphic designer if you'd like some stuff to drop in the GUI to help out. :)

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