Re: 3.5e racial abilities

Andrew Maitland

Race File:

RaceName <tab> ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|RaceName ~ Magic Stone

Ability File:

Magic Stone <tab>

RaceName ~ Magic Stone <tab>

CATEGORY:Special Ability <tab>

TYPE:SpecialQuality.SpellLike <tab>

SPELLS:RaceName|TIMES=3|CASTERLEVEL=3|Magic Stone <tab>

SOURCEPAGE:p.x <tab>

DESC:Cast Magic Stone 3/day at caster level 3.

On 5/8/2021 9:57 PM, Jonathan Arnold via wrote:

I'm coding a race that has the Magic Stone(Sp) ability.  which lets them cast the Magic Stone spell (as caster level 3rd) 3 times a day.  Any tips on how to code this for my race.

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