Re: 3.5e Class skills

Andrew Maitland

Best would be to create a TEMPLATE

Grant All Skills as Class Skills <tab> CSKILL:ALL

Then add that to your characters for that game.

From the documentation:

*** Updated 5.13.6

Tag Name: CSKILL:x|x

Variables Used (x): Text (<Skill Name>)

Variables Used (x): Text (Type=<Skill Type>)

Variables Used (x): ALL

Variables Used (x): LIST

Variables Used (x): .CLEAR

Variables Used (x): .CLEAR.Text

What it does:

  • Grants the listed skills as class skills.
  • When used in a Class LST object it grants the class skills only to the class it is actually in.
  • When used in a Domain LST object it grants the class skills only to the classes that grant the domain.
  • When used anywhere else it grants the class skills to all classes the character possesses.



The "Listen" and "Spot" skills are made class skills.


The "Search" and "Knowledge" type skills are made class skills.


All skills are made class skills.


Skills selected in the associated choice are made class skills. (In Abilities and Feats)

CLASS:Sorcerer.MOD <tab> CSKILL:.CLEAR.Scry <tab> CSKILL:Drive|TYPE.Knowledge|Perform

Modifies the Class Sorcerer, droping the class skill "Scry" and adding "Drive, Perform and all TYPE.Knowledge" skills.

CLASS:Blackguard.MOD <tab> CSKILL:.CLEAR <tab> CSKILL:Concentration|TYPE.Craft|Diplomacy|Heal|Intimidate|Knowledge (Religion)|TYPE.Profession|Climb|Jump|Listen|Spot|Swim|Pilot

Modified Class that removes all class skills in the object previously, then adds in the specific list.

CLASS:Blackguard.MOD <tab> CSKILL:.CLEAR.Handle Animal|.CLEAR.Ride|Heal <tab> CSKILL:Pilot

Modified Class that removes only Handle Animal and Ride from the original class skill list, and then adds Heal and Pilot.

On 5/8/2021 9:50 PM, Jonathan Arnold via wrote:

I'm in a campaign where the DM is running it where all skills are Class skills (within reason).  So my question is how do I code a tag to reflect this with out having to recode the classes that we want to use.

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