Re: Help with my Favored Soul

Andrew Maitland

On the class line you need the tag:

SPELLLIST:2|Favored Soul|Cleric

From the documentation:

*** Updated 5.11.4 ***

Tag Name: SPELLLIST:x|y|y

Variables Used (x): Number (number of choices)

Variables Used (y): Text (Class Name)

Variables Used (y): DOMAIN.Text (Domain Name)

What it does:

  • This is an optional tag with PCGen defaulting to the class name as the name of the spell list if this tag is not included.
  • Following the number of choices (x), this is a pipe-delimited (|) list of class names (y) that the class can choose from to duplicate spell casting ability.
  • For a spellcasting class with subclasses that have separate spell lists, the SPELLLIST tag should be included in the subclass line only.


CLASS:Faemancer <tab> SPELLLIST:1|Ranger

The class uses the ranger spell list.

SUBCLASS:Egoist <tab> SPELLLIST:1|Ranger|Druid

The subclass uses either the ranger or druid spell list.

CLASS:War Mind <tab> SPELLLIST:2|Ranger|Druid|Barabarian

The class uses 2 of the ranger, Druid or Barbarian spell lists.

CLASS:Blood Witch <tab> SPELLLIST:1|DOMAIN.Animal

The class uses the Animal Domain spell list.

CLASS:Rogue.COPY=Blood Witch <tab> SPELLLIST:1|DOMAIN.Animal

Copy class Rogue to Blood Witch useing the Animal Domain spell list.


Modifying the class Defender changes all of these tags to determine bonus spells and maximum casting level.

Where it is used:

Class Line, SubClass line or SubstitutionClass line.

On 5/8/2021 9:45 PM, Jonathan Arnold via wrote:
The biggest issue that I'm having at the moment is I don't know how to link the clerics spell list to the Favored Soul Class.

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