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Andrew Maitland

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On 4/17/2021 5:06 AM, wrote:


in my campaign i have replaced the standard Masterwork system with
something a little more involved and detailed. i have a 4 tier system
that goes from the first step above standard being High, then Ultra,
Master and lastly Exquisite. this system allows for creation of making
higher than standard items virtually across the gamut of all item types,
with some exceptions to keep it at least somewhat realistic. my issue is
that im trying to code into the system the ability to allow this to
modify some features of traps and after digging through ALL the lst
files that came with the release 6.08 nothing has an example i could use
that i know for certain will work. what i want to be able to modify as
the tiers progress is a trap's TOHIT, discovery and disable DC, and its
damage by adding a single die of the given type per trap. can anyone
please give me the code need to add to my custom lst file to make this

thank you so much in advance

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