Re: PCGenv6.08.00 RC8 - possible #bug

Joel Fischoff

As Brian said, as well as the rules, Paladins are Lawful Good.  Even in 2e, Paladins (or, rather, Champions) have to be on the extreme sides of moral alignment (i.e. there are LG, NG, CG, LE, NE, and CE Champions).  I *think* there was a version in D&D 3.5 that allowed for other "paladins," but even then it was in an extension.  Unearthed Arcana, I think.  *checks*  Sorry, not quite correct.  Unearthed Arcana creates three new Paladins to suit the four 'corners' of the alignment axis - the Paladin (of Honor) [LG], the Paladin of Freedom [CG], the Paladin of Tyranny [LE], and the Paladin of Slaughter [CE].  There's also the anti-paladin, which exists in all three variants.


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