Re: PCGenv6.08.00 RC8 - possible #bug

Almore Miller

hi Joel

    I had selected LN alignment - changed to LG and paladin was select able

    I thought you could have paladins of any non evil alignment in pathfinder? possible enhancement?

    thank you for the quick response

Almore Miller

On 9/28/2020 11:54 AM, Joel Fischoff wrote:
I know this will seem relatively obvious, but did you set their alignment to Lawful Good first? AFK so I can't check myself.
On 09/28/2020 1:08 AM Andrew Maitland via <drew0500@...> wrote:

I'll take a look Tuesday. Are you able to open a ticket?

This should take you to the ticket site:


On 9/27/2020 5:34 PM, Almore Miller wrote:
Hi there
 Long time user of PCGEN - but I have found in this release I'm unable to create a Paladin regardless of race


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