Re: Hit Point Bug

Andrew Maitland


That's just a convenience field for when PCGen is running. There is nothing stored between sessions set up for that. (Character sheets are the output, they don't have any direct input back into the program)


On 9/3/2020 12:12 PM, MVLaRocca via wrote:
Hi Everyone, 

Noticed this the other week and don't really see a solution for it.  I keep trying to use the "Wounds/Current HP" box under the character sheet to keep track of my characters' Hit Points between games, but for some reason the information doesn't save.  There have even been times that the update that I write in the field simply disappears when I change screens (either to another character or another tab on the same character).  I've even tried writing it in different ways (-3 HP, or -2 or 14 for the new HP total) but nothing seems to stay on screen so that I can keep track.  I am currently using the "Standard.htm.ftl" as that is the closest to my homebrew Pathfinder system, but I have not really tried any of the other Character Sheet layouts (preview.html keeps crashing the whole program). 

Does anyone know a fix to keep that field from just blanking between sessions?  I've had to start using the GM's Notes on the Description Tab to keep track but its a pain to keep swapping back and forth.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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