Re: Living Grimoire

Andrew Maitland

The [Not Implemented] Indicates the data monkey was unable, unsure or did not want to hold up giving to folks.

Best way to implement it requires an experienced data monkey to take a look. To get that, most enter a request on the PCGen Jira tracker. I can say, Spell Casting is the most difficult to tackle.

I have seen quite a bit of activity from the Code Team, so it might be possible here in the next few months. (No promises cause the volunteers have crazy schedules)

On 7/21/2020 8:08 AM, Nicholas Hart wrote:
I'm trying to build a Living Grimoire Inquisitor and I'm having issues with spell casting. Living grimoires cast spells differently from regular inquisitors and while that shows up on my character sheet, it has [NOT IMPLEMENTED] before the description. How do enable this different type of spell casting?

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