Re: Pathfinder Load / Encumbrance issues in 6.08.00 RC8

Andrew Maitland

Create a new Template in a template file:  "No More Encumbrance issues"

Place this tag in it "BONUS:VAR|LoadScore|40"

Note, that will alter those characters with it to act as if their Strength Score is 40 higher. But that will eliminate the encumbrance issues.

###Block: House Rule Bypass

No More Encumbrance Issues <tab> BONUS:VAR|LOADSCORE|40

On 5/17/2020 11:07 AM, Steven High wrote: could try and "cheat", since the game is just for your kids---and anyway, the game is, well, a game---and either eliminate a bunch of "stuff" the characters are carrying (besides armour and weapons and magic). Otherwise, cheat and raise everyone's Strength (you might also eliminate any penalties Halflings get due to Race, but that's trickier).

You could also just give the Hobbit a Bag of Holding.

Longer-term, go in and alter the weights Game Companies assign to items---but remember that weight also is meant to model size and shape, because some things are just awkward to carry around.

On Fri, 15 May 2020 at 22:53, MVLaRocca via <> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I am hoping someone can show me a fix for a load / encumbrance issue in PCGEN 6.08.00 RC8.  I have a Halfling Druid character that is constantly affected by a Medium or Heavy load (drops his speed, lowers AC, etc).  I have turned off both "Load Penalty" and "Weight Penalty" options in the House Rules section, but the penalties never go away.  Does anyone have any ideas how to turn those off permanently.  I am running a game for my kids and I don't want to throw encumbrance rules at them.

Thanks in Advance.

M. L. 

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