Re: Where Is Pathfinder Bard Versatile Performance Specified? #pathfinder

Brad G.


There was an issue when refactoring all the classes and Bard got a little screwed up. There's a quick fix, though.   

In .\pcgen\data\pathfinder\paizo\roleplaying_game\core_rulebook\cr_abilities_class.lst on lines 204-213, replace Cleric_CFP_Level with Bard_CFP_Level.  

Brad G.

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 9:40 PM allencohn <allen@...> wrote:
Actually, now I've found the "Bard Class Features" within the Feats & Abilities | Class Features tab. But I thought all those would be assigned automatically according to Table 3-3 (CR, p. 36).

I can't even click the list to assign them manually because the window below says I have 0 Total/0 Remaining selections.

What was I supposed to do to activate this?

Thanks, Allen

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