Re: faking Slashing Grace


On 2020-01-29 20:02, saxumcaribetum via Groups.Io wrote:
I see from DATA-3826
"Slashing Grace feat (from ACG) does not allow slashing weapon to be
treated as piercing for class abilities and feats (e.g. Swashbuckler
Weapon Training)" that Slashing Grace doesn't work with actual we4apons,
as their type is immutable.

So as a quick-fix bodge, I could hack up either

1) a hacked Scimitar called "Scimitar(SG)" which has the Piercing
quality, and only allow characters with Slashing Grace to use it.


2) hack a Weapon Special Ability for the Custom Weapon dialog, to add
Piercing damage type.

Unfortunately my LST-file Foo is not good enough to do so and get ready
for the weekend game session.

Any kind soul out there to tell me the recipe to quickly do either of
theseĀ  in a custom campaign file?

Many thanks!

OR - to hack the Piercing Strike and Swashbuckler Weapon Training
temp.bonus to ignore the Piercing requirement.

(I note that a normal light-or-1H piercing weapon such as a Rapier or
agger automatically gets the SWT bonus, so the temp bonus only reaaly
needs to override the reluctance to apply it to Scimitar.)

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