Re: Any Reason To Stick With 6.08.00 RC8 When 6.09.02 Is Available?

Andrew Maitland

Hi Allen,

On 12/25/2019 7:50 PM, allencohn wrote:
I see that two new releases have come out. Yay!

I'm a little confused why there are two versions. Especially now that we're entering archive mode, is there any reason that I would want 6.08 when 6.09 is available?

Personal choice really. Want to use PF 2e? Then grab 6.09.

For example,

* Will 6.08 be more compatible with my legacy homebrew LST code?
The difference shouldn't be horrible, but 6.08 is the most "stable" release and incorporates the latest fixes, but we've discovered some bugs that are fixed in 6.09 (For example, the Age Category is acting up in 6.08, but works fine in 6.09)
* Will 6.09 be harder to install? (I know that there's all sorts of complexity with Java runtime...but the Windows installer seemed to make all that go away for 6.08...)

Shouldn't have any issues. Both versions use Java 11.

* Will 6.08 have fewer bugs?
Data bugs? I tried to keep them the same. With the 6.09 changes to UI it won't look as clean. But 6.08 is the production line, while 6.09 is newer features. Pathfinder 2e is currently built to run on 6.09, not 6.08 currently.
* Anything else?

I can't give an easy answer. 6.08 is smaller. Generally, I'd say use 6.08 as the "stable" production release. As we are winding down on progress with the java engine, I doubt there will be any significant movement on the development side of things. But if you find bugs and tie them to PF 2e functionality, then Bryan will fix them if possible.

Many thanks,


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