sticky Re: PCGen entering archive mode. #releases #volunteer


It is with sad news the core team members of the PCGen BoD are stepping down (or handing off the reins to any new blood that wish to take up the challenge).<
I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all the hard work you all put
into this project over the years. For a long time it filled a unique,
even pioneering role in making the trivia of game design manageable. I
used pcgen a lot in the early days, and have returned to it off and on
over the years whenever I had a big design project I needed to get a
handle on. I'm sorry to see this retired, but as a former sfw geek
myself, I fully appreciate the design and maintenance challenges that
have become so burdensome.

I wish you all the best, whatever you turn your creative and coding
talents toward next.


Deborah Teramis Christian
Game Designer & Novelist

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